Roll-On Rebalance

500 mg CBD | (10ml)

Balance your mood while hydrating your skin— even in its most sensitive areas. Our Roll-on Rebalance is rich in antioxidants — from Rose, Elemi, and Vanilla Oils — to give skin the healthy boost it needs. Glide it on for easy, ready-to-go use anytime, anywhere.

Plant-Based Boost:  
There are many feel good, aromatherapeutic benefits of Bulgarian Rose from relieving stress and anxiety, reducing cortisol levels, instilling feelings of calm and relaxation, improving sleep, supporting PMS and menopausal symptoms to boosting mood and increasing confidence. Bulgarian Rose moisturizes and nourishes by pulling out unwanted toxins from the skin’s outer layers — enhancing your skin’s natural glow. It contains a combination of antioxidants including citronellol and geraniol, which help hydrate your skin and slow down signs of aging.

Calming with Bulgarian Rose, Clove, & Vanilla

Roll-On Rebalance

  • My secret weapon — a functional fragrance that smells so divine it’s hard to tell its main function is to be therapeutic. I formulated this scent profile based on one of my favorite french perfumes which is now discontinued. Rosehip Seed Oil allows for usage on our most sensitive areas, like our neck, temples, and crows feet. The Roll-on Rebalance is that undercover side-kick that smells so lovely, sexy and spicy, nobody knows it’s what keeps you leveled.