Roll-On Rise

500 mg CBD | (10ml)

The perfect compliment to Roll-On Rest, Roll-On Rise can be used in the morning to uplift and awaken the mind, or at any time during the day when a small pick me up is needed. The essential oil blend is invigorating. Rise smells more like a natural perfume than anything else. Papaya Seed Oil provides a pack of vitamin C that delivers what you need, when you need it.

Plant-Based Boost:
Red Mandarin makes your morning feel good and smell even better by promoting balance from within. Red Mandarin’s benefits are vast, including rejuvenation of skill cells to improve skin health to promoting mental clarity, boosting energy and improving mood by relaxing the nervous system.

Awakening with red mandarin, bergamot, and Jasmine. 


Roll-On Rise

  • Apply to temples, forehead, neck, and wrists. For external use only. Store at room temperature, or refrigerate for a cooling effect and extended use.